Justice Guillermo S. Santos
Class of 1937

Justice Guillermo S. Santos is a leader in the field of law as an expert in tenancy and land reform laws, military laws, and conciliation and arbitration procedures As an academician, he was a professor of law, bar examiner and resource person in many notable institutions.

He also imparted legal expertise by writing and publishing numerous books and treatises for law journals. Before eventually serving as an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court of the Philippines, he was also the Associate Justice in the Court of Appeals, Undersecretary in the Department of Justice, Executive Judge in the Court of Agrarian Reform and Chairman of the Agricultural Tenancy Commission.

As a soldier, he served under the Judge Advocate general Services of the Armed forces of the Philippines and was also a bemedalled officer, being a veteran of the Second World War as well as the Korean War.

His deeds, achievements and contribution to the well-being of the Filipino people deserve to be emulated for many generations to follow.