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General Benjamin R. Vallejo
Class of 1952

Brigadier General Benjamin R. Vallejo was one of the authoritative exponents of the Citizen Military concept in the Philippines. He devoted major portion of his military career in the training of young cadets as the Commandant and Department Head of the UP DMST, and later on as Commanding General of the Metropolitan Citizen Army Command.

As a doctrinaire of the Home Defense Strategy, he conceptualized the “UP Sunday Soldiers” which later on expanded into DND/AFP “Rainbow” Project. These contributions earned him the respect of many in the field of Citizen Army Training and Youth Development.

He was one of the moving forces behind the UP Vanguard during his time, once serving as the Chapter Commander of the Capitol Chapter and eventually National Commander of the organization.

He was known as the “Walking Encyclopedia” of the UP Vanguard for his vast knowledge about the organization’s history.