The UP Corps of Sponsors


In 1912, the same year that Military Training, the precursor of the present ROTC program, was incepted in the University of the Philippines, female students of the University were selected and recruited to serve as the Muses of the regiments, battalions and companies of the UP Corps of Cadets.

When Military Training had been re designated as the Philippine ROTC Program, the ladies organized as Muses of the Corps were re designated as the UP ROTC Corps of Sponsors (UPCoS). By that time, they had become a social adjunct of the Corps of Cadets in various areas.

As history marched on with the Pre-War, World War and Post-War eras, so did the legacy of the UPCoS flourish. With the establishment of the Commonwealth, the UPCoS trained as part of the Women’s Auxiliary Service. In 1949, the Corps of Sponsors was established in different U.P. units like Los Baños and Baguio.

In 1968, the Sponsors went through special warfare training via the Rainbow Rangerettes, a brainchild of former Sponsors Lorna Verano-Yap and Tina Escueta.  From the sixties onwards, the special military training of Sponsors continued, as did their participation and involvement in civic and social action. They have come up with various cultural activities, fund-raising campaigns, and socio-civic projects, all geared to the benefit of the young, the aged, the infirm, and other disadvantaged sectors of society. Since then, they have responded to the call of National Service, in various ways demanded by their particular times.

Simultaneous with these activities was their participation in, and support of, University activities and affairs. They have always rendered ushering services at the Lantern Parade and University Commencement Exercises, to name a few.

The U.P. Corps of Sponsors began mainly as a group of muses of the Corps but through the years, it has continued to strive, mature and evolve. It is proud to number among its alumnae many illustrious names in various fields of Philippine society.

The UP Corps of Sponsors

The UP Corps of Sponsors is a student organization of well-trained females, who are chosen to render service to the UP community and beyond. The Corps functions primarily as the socio-civic arm of the UP Department of Military Science and Tactics, where Sponsors act as mediators between cadets and Cadet Officers. For community service, each Sponsor is also given the opportunity to spearhead her own project. Moreover, the role of the Corps of Sponsors extends to being ushers at University events.

Each Sponsor may have begun her journey with her own unique story, but all share the same creed: Honor, Service, & Excellence. These are the words that we live by, the very principles that we have learned and learned to uphold while committing to serve, as a part of the Corps.

The process of becoming a Sponsor is short. It consists of submitting a form, going to interviews, attending a seminar and finally participating in the Presentation of Sponsors.

Step one: Submission of Nomination Form
The first step to becoming a Sponsor is being nominated. Interested ladies may approach any Sponsor or Cadet Officer. They may opt to have an orientation with an incumbent Sponsor regarding the organization and its role. Nominees will be given a form. The properly filled-out form should be passed with a xerox copy of their validated form 5 and ID. After passing the form to the Sponsor or Cadet Officer, they will be informed of their scheduled interview dates. During this time, they will be called Sponsor nominees.

Step two: Interviews
There are two levels of interviews. The first interview will be conducted by incumbent Sponsors and Cadet Officers. The second and final interview will be the Department Level Interview. The nominee will only proceed to the second interview if she passes the first. After passing the second interview, you will be given instructions for the third step.

Step three: Seminar
The three-day two-night seminar will be focused on learning more about the structure and role of the UP Corps of Sponsors. This is also about meeting your new colleagues.

Step four: Presentation of Sponsors
The Presentation of Sponsors is an annual event which introduces the new batch of Sponsors. It is also a tribute to the outgoing batch. The event is usually held in the General Antonio Luna Parade Grounds.

These four steps introduce the culture and structure of the organization. But, the journey does not stop there. The Corps molds people to become their very best by honing their potentials as individuals. That is why the UP Corps of Sponsors continues to share one passion with the rest of the Iskolars ng Bayan. That is to lead with honor, service and excellence in mind.


Being part of the Department of Military Science and Tactics, the UP Corps of Sponsors are given free instruction and hands-on experience in such special training as first-aid, marksmanship, water training, rappelling, self-defense and martial arts under the supervision of the Department of Military Science and Tactics.

Sponsors act as mediators between the cadets/ cadettes and cadet/ cadette officers, ensuring that a healthy and professional relationship is maintained.  As the sounding board of the cadets/ cadettes for whatever problems they may face during their ROTC training, they play a unique role in ensuring morale.  They also support activities of the UP Corps of Cadets.

The Corps of Sponsors is the only student organization regularly requested by the University to usher at various campus activities and events; thus giving Sponsors a glamorous chance to gain polish and poise as they interact with well-known figures in Philippine business, politics and civilian society.

As a socio-civic organization with projects geared toward community service, Sponsors work together in conceptualizing, planning, and implementing projects that benefit worthwhile charitable institutions and causes.  Each Sponsor gets the chance to spearhead at least one project during her term, bringing out her capabilities to effectively manage time, resources, and personnel.

If you are invited to be a Sponsor, you are being given an opportunity to discover new things, undergo exciting activities, make new friends, and be part of an honored tradition that goes back over 80 years…..are YOU ready to meet the challenge?

If you want to learn more about the UP Corps of Sponsors (UPCoS), drop by at the Sponsors’ Room inside the DMST Complex, or approach any Sponsor, anytime.